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Mekakucity Actors OP [ Daze ]

Mekaku City Actors: Opening


by さちこ






im not even t ri ed


Honeyworks uploaded their newest song titled Inokori Sensei! The singer is by a new Vocaloid(?) called flower and the illust this time are both by Yamako and Rokoru!

official Youtube upload is here!



This world map in coins is made by Bedow; each continent is represented by coins from its own countries.

what happened to canada im like 70% sure canada is missing a big chunk of itself


So going through the KagePro third novel and something caught my attention. So apparently Momo has really terrible sleeping habits, moves around, talks about weird shit in her sleep, etc etc. While Kido sleeps like a log. Like Momo accidentally hits her twice while they’re sharing a bed and Kido just sorta grumbles while staying asleep. (Momo then proceeds to stare at her sleeping face and thinks about how pretty Kido is, not even joking.)

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that Kido and Momo are actually really compatible sleeping partners. It just sort of hit me. These two are made to be such complimentary opposites. It’s probably why KidoMomo is like my top kagerou yuri ship.